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  • Do I Need Any Prior Experience To Join A Rug Tufting Workshop?
    Our workshop is specifically tailored for beginners. We guide you through the entire process assuming you have no prior experience, and that’s the case for most of our participants!
  • How Do I Select A Design?
    Once you book a tufting class, you’ll receive an email with some tips and tricks on how to select a design. The designs that work the best have solid lines and/or colors and are simple in nature. Check us out on Instagram for some serious inspo!
  • Is There A Minimum Age Requirement To Participate In Tufting?
    For safety reasons, a parent/guardian is required on-site for all participants under 13 years old.
  • How Will I Know If My Design Is Too Complex To Create?
    If you show us a design that we feel is too complex, we’ll work with you to settle on a design that we feel will be easier to complete. Intricate designs take time. For that reason, we strongly urge simplicity, especially if it’s your first time taking a tufting class.
  • Can I Take My Rug Home The Same Day?
    Your creation can be taken with you same day!
  • Do I Need To Bring Anything?
    Just yourself! We’ll have all the tools and yarn you’ll need to get tufting! For safety, it’s best to have any long hair out of the way so please bring a hair tie. To make your class more comfortable, you may also wish to bring a refillable water bottle.
  • Can I Bring Food And Drinks?
    We have complimentary filtered water available, and we suggest that you bring your water bottle that you can refill! You’re welcome to bring small bites and eat in our studio. There are also lots of great places to grab a bite within walking distance.
  • How To Make A Booking For Two people/2 Rugs?
    To make a booking for two people, click “Book Now” > Select the size > Select a date and time > Next > Put “2” under the number of participants.
  • Are There Any Colour Limits?
    No colour limits. You can use however many colours you'd like for your creative piece!
  • Where Can I Find The Prices?
    To find all rug sizes and correlated pricing, click "Book Now".

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