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About Us

Why take a rug tufting class with us?

If you’re looking to learn the art of rug tufting, Chillax Studio is the perfect place for you! We understand that starting something new can be intimidating, especially for beginners. That's why we've created a welcoming environment where both beginners and experienced tufters can explore their creative passions. Our classes are designed for everyone, aiming to make rug tufting accessible and enjoyable. If you're located in Toronto and are searching for a top-notch tufting class, you have found the right place! Join us at Chillax Studio and unleash your creativity today!

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Why Offering Tufting Classes?

Founders Chris and Khloe were sparked by curiosity about rug tufting, sparking a journey of exploration. In 2020, they stumbled upon tufting videos on social media, instantly captivated by this creative craft. Yet, as they delved deeper into the costs and efforts required to set up their own tufting kit, they realized the overwhelming barriers that many faced.

Their drive to offer rug tufting classes emerged from this personal journey, fueled by the aspiration to make it accessible to all. Through comprehensive classes and workshops, we aim is to empower individuals to unleash their creativity, acquire new skills, and revel in the art of rug tufting. Come join us and discover the sheer joy of crafting beautiful rugs with your own hands!

Located in Downtown Toronto

If you're new to tufting, we've got you! Our instructors will expertly guide you through the journey, from tracing your design to crafting a stunning final piece. Join us at Chillax Studio and uncover the delight of rug tufting with us.

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