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Create your masterpiece at our Toronto-based
DIY tufting studio

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Are you ready to make your own rug? 

If you're excited about creating your own rug but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! Chillax Studio specializes in the fascinating art of rug making, particularly in tufting. This versatile method allows you to bring any design to life and make a one-of-a-kind rug that reflects your personal style. We offer a complete rug-making experience that will smoothly guide you through the entire process. With our all-encompassing tufting experience, you can create your own rug in our studio and carry it home with you on the very same day.


Join us at Chillax Studio and unleash your creative potential!

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Why make your own rug with Chillax Studio?

Crafting your own rug gives you the freedom to design and personalize every aspect of it. From picking yarn colors and textures to fashioning patterns and motifs, tufting unleashes your imagination to reach new heights. At Chillax Studio, we provide an extensive array of materials and resources to ignite your creative spark, guaranteeing that your rug mirrors your unique style.

We believe rug tufting goes beyond just a skill; it's a way to express yourself. When you make your own rug, each stitch reflects your unique style and creativity. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about helping you on this exciting journey, making it enjoyable no matter your skill level. 


What To Expect Before Your Visit?

1)Find/Create a design

2) Email your design to 

3) Our team will prepare the outline of the design prior to your arrival

4) Come excited and prepare to have fun! 

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Chillax Gallery

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Located in Downtown Toronto

If you're new to tufting, we got you! Our instructors will expertly guide you through the journey, from tracing your design to crafting a stunning final piece. Join us at Chillax Studio and uncover the delight of rug tufting with us.

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